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what I do top

I design, build and deploy non-trivial software using the right tools, doing whatever it takes to make the project a success.

work top

using these technologies

Evariant Evariant

Evariant provides hospitals with data integration and analytics solutions to support patient engagement and marketing.

Director, Platform Development 2015-present
Kafka, Samza
Big Data
Cloudera Hadoop

Lantern Project

Lantern provides software and a global network of proxy servers to help people all over the world circumvent censorship by national governments that try to restrict which parts of the internet their citizens can access.

Lead Developer 2013-present
Go, Python, Java, JavaScript, HTML 5
Redis, BigQuery

Click Security Click Security

Click Security software enables customers to capture and correlate streams of telemetry from network devices and logs in order to identify and react to developing and persistent threats on their network.

Senior Developer 2012-2013
  • Designed and implemented SVG-based visualizations of network security data
  • Envisioned, designed, implemented, performance tested and tuned data warehouse for ad-hoc OLAP analysis on streams of network security data
Python, Java 6, JavaScript, SVG, (X)HTML 4 + CSS + AJAX, SQL, PHP
D3.js, ZeroMQ, Jython
PostgreSQL 9.1

GoalMine enabled customers to easily buy and share mutual funds through a secure website, mobile applications and gift cards. I worked with our CTO to prepare the site for its initial launch and subsequently maintained and enhanced the site.

Lead Developer 2010-2012
Highlights Bidtective

Bidtective allowed customers to comparison shop for local services online. Bidtective featured an instant estimator that used statistical models to provide detailed price estimates for local services like wedding photography. Bidtective is no longer active - watch this video overview to see how it worked.

President 2009-now
  • Founded business, developed business plan and handled day to day operations
  • Quickly iterated on two different product concepts including social sharing and instant estimating
  • Built and open-sourced bigtablesearch, a search engine for use on Google AppEngine

Rêv Worldwide

Company provides innovative payment solutions to the underbanked.

Senior Developer 2008-2009
  • Ported Python-based SMS mobile payments application to Java
  • Defined grammar and implemented parser supporting automated reading and responding to SMS messages
  • Built distributed, fault-tolerant object-oriented application framework that serves as the basis of most applications now developed by REV
  • Developed custom, fault-tolerant document repository
Java 6, Python
Hibernate ORM, JavaCC, Swing, JNLP
Deploy Platforms
JBoss 4, Apache HTTP Server, Solaris OS
Mobile Platforms
Kannel SMS Gateway
Oracle 10g
Dev. Environment
Eclipse, IntelliJIDEA, Ant, Windows XP, Cygwin

DFS Online Account Management Dell Financial Services

Dell Financial Services issues credit to Dell customers. I led the Razorfish development team that designed and built the self-service website for home and small business customers on top of Dell's existing issuing and servicing platforms. The project was highlighted in this presentation at Mix 2009.

Technical Architect 2007-2008
  • Led a team of 4 developers
  • Estimated and planned work
  • Established architecture for self-service website
  • Implemented content management system for related static site
  • Performed strategic assessment of existing infrastructure and developed recommendations for technical improvements to reduce friction during checkout process
  • Provided career mentoring to developers
  • Assisted with RFP responses

ROME (now TriplePoint)

ROME supplied credit risk management software to Fortune 500 energy companies like ConocoPhillips Conoco Phillips and Tesoro Tesoro, as well as public utilities and regulators such as ERCOT. ROME was acquired by TriplePoint in July of 2008.

Solutions Engineer 2005-2007
  • Completed RFI and RFP responses
  • Demoed software to prospective clients
  • Maintained Java-based credit risk software
  • Ported acquired operational risk software from Tapestry to Wicket

California Child Support Automation System (CCSAS)

CCSAS combines statewide case management capabilities with centralized child support collection and payment processing. I worked on an Accenture team as part of the consortium that developed the system on behalf of the State of California. I started work on the batch architecture team and ended up as architecture development lead overseeing the teams responsible for document management, business process management, security, online and integration architecture.

Architecture Development Lead, Developer 2004-2005
  • Estimated, planned and tracked team's work on documentation and software work products
  • Interviewed new hire, internal hire and contractor candidates
  • Provided organized and informal training to team members and client staff
  • Oversaw development of electronic and paper forms
  • Oversaw development of document management system
  • Oversaw prototyping of business process management capabilities
  • Built Java batch processing infrastructure using Ant to script batch jobs (analogous to JCL) and integrated with Tivoli Workload Scheduler for job scheduling
Java 5, SQL
Deploy Platforms
WebSphere, AIX

Large Internet Service Provider

Worked on an Accenture team delivering a highly customized PeopleSoft CRM 8.8 system for 4,000 users supporting a customer base of 3 million DSL and dial-up customers.

Technical Architect 2003-2004
  • Prepared architecture blueprints for development, testing, production and disaster recovery environments
  • Developed build schedule, coordinated with off-site infrastructure team to ensure environment availability and helped coordinate an upgrade to PeopleSoft CRM 8.8 Service Pack 1.
  • Documented standards for synchronous and asynchronous integration with legacy systems
Deploy Platforms
PeopleSoft CRM 8.8, AIX

Consortium of Large Telecommunications Companies

Worked on an Accenture team that delivered a custom billing system to meet requirements by the State of California, including bill generation, postal delivery of bills, online bill presentment and an internal system for accounts receivable handling and billing dispute resolution.

Lead Developer, Developer 2000-2003
  • Estimated, planned and supervised work for teams up to 10 developers
  • Built self-service and customer-care websites using a proprietary MVC framework
  • Developed Swing-based applet for managing complex billing account hierarchy
  • Developed reporting framework based on JDBC and PL/SQL for operational and program monitoring
  • Supervised implementation of electronic bill presentment, including adding support for pagination of large bills (some bills were thousands of pages in length)
  • Planned and supervised performance testing
  • Worked directly with client to gather requirements, obtain sign-off on designs and validate product with user-acceptance testing
Java 1.4, COBOL
TopLink ORM, Swing
Deploy Platforms
WebLogic, Solaris OS
Oracle 8i
OpenSTA, JProbe

Hubbard One Hubbard One

Hubbard One builds internet and intranet sites for law firms. I worked here while in college implementing data-driven web solutions for national law firms using HTML, JavaScript, Active Server Pages and Visual Basic.

Web Developer 1999-2000

Other College and High School Jobs

University of Chicago 1998-1999
Computing assistant at the Graduate School of Business computing labs
Round Table Group 1998
Recruiting intern
Fru-Con Engineering
IT operations intern

open source top


All my work for Lantern is open source.


sqins makes type-safe SQL available inside Scala using SQL-like syntax.


JavaScript port of FastTag part of speech tagger.


Easy JavaScript to Java remoting with full support for object-oriented programming.


Python full text indexing for Google App Engine.

publications top

Blocking-resistant communication through domain fronting

I made a few contributions to this paper based on my work for Lantern.

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